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Water Quality Testing
In June, in response to concerns raised around the United States about the possibility of lead in school drinking water, the Junction City School District conducted voluntary random water quality samples in each of our buildings. At that time, none of the samples indicated lead levels above the established acceptable threshold and in fact, the majority of the samples had no detectable levels. 

In late August and early September, the District conducted further testing of every water source in the District that might serve as a source of drinking water or water used in food preparation.  Samples were collected from over 321 possible drinking water sources and were sent to a professional lab for analysis.  Of the total samples tested, 81 were found to have levels of lead above the acceptable limit established by the Environmental Testing Agency (EPA).   A summary document listing the locations of each of those water sources can be found here.  Water sources found to have levels of lead above the acceptable limit are highlighted in yellow.  Laurel Elementary, Oaklea Middle, Junction City High School, Territorial Elementary.

Anywhere elevated lead levels have been found in the District, our Facilities Department will:


Immediately ensure that water source is taken off-line and identify alternate locations where safe drinking water is available.
* Identify and eliminate the source of the lead.
* Retest the water to insure it is safe for our students, staff, and visitors.

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