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Please Note: There is a delay between the time the board makes policy changes and the time those changes are available on this site. The policies on this site are for information only and do not reflect any updating activities in progress. Official policies and administrative regulations are available from the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Stephanie White swhite@junctioncity.k12.or.us at 541-998-6311.
Policy Title Code
Personnel Policy Goals GA
  Personnel – Definitions GAA
  Job Descriptions GAB
    Duties and Responsibilities of Personnel GABA
General Personnel Policies GB
  New Employee Orientation Verification Checklist GB-R(1)
    Equal Employment Opportunity GBA
      Fair Labor Standards Act GBAA
  Criminal Records Checks / Fingerprinting GBB
  Criminal Records Checks / Fingerprinting GBB-R
  Authorization for Payroll Deduction GBB-R(1)
  Criminal Records Check/Fingerprinting Consent Form GBB-R(2)
  Criminal Records Consent Form – Volunteers GBB-R(3)
  Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Verification GBB-R(4)
  Staff Ethics      GBC
      Alcohol/Controlled Substance Use GBCBA
  Board-Staff Communications GBD
    Mother Friendly Workplace GBDA
    Family Medical Leave GBDB
    Federal Family Medical Leave/Oregon Family Medical Leave GBDB-R(1)
    Request for Family and Medical Leave GBDB-R(2)
    Certification of Health Care Provider
– Employee Illness
    Certification of Health Care Provider
– Family Member Illness
    Military Family Leave – Certification of Qualifying Exigency GBDB-R(3c)
    Military Family Leave – Certification for Serious Injury or Illness GBDB-R(3d)
    FMLA/OFLA Eligibility Notice to Employee GBDB-R(4)
    Sample Designation Letter to Employee – FMLA/OFLA Leave GBDB-R(5)
    Family and Medical Leave Designation Notice GBDB-R(6)
    Fitness-for-Duty Certification GBDB-R(7)
    Domestic Violence Harassment Sexual Assault Stalking Leave GBDC
    Early Return to Work GBDCC
    Leaves and Absences GBDD
    Continuation Coverage Health Benefits GBDE
  Staff Health and Safety GBE
    Workers’ Compensation Insurance GBEA
    Communicable Disease GBEB
      Staff – HIV, AIDS, and HBV GBEBA
      HBV / Bloodborne Pathogens GBEBAA/JHCCBA/
    Drug-Free Work Place GBEC
  Staff Participation in Community Activities GBF
  Staff / Student / Parent Relations GBH/JECAC
  Tobacco-Free Environment GBK/JFCG/KGC
  Personnel Records GBL
  Personnel Records GBL-R
  Personnel File Access Record GBL-R(1)
    Disclosure of Information GBLA
  Staff Complaints GBM
  Whistleblower GBMA
  Staff Complaints GBM-R
  Sexual Harassment GBN/JBA
  Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure GBN/JBA-R
  Harassment Report Form From Principal/Supervisor GBN/JBA-R(1)
Cyberbullying-Staff Complaint Procedures
      Cyberbulling GBNAA-JFCFA
      Staff-Student Amorous Relationships GBNAB
  Collective Bargaining GBO
  Resignation of Staff GBP
  Copyrights and Patents GBQ
Licensed Staff Positions GC
  License Requirements GCA
  License Renewal Statement GCA-R
  Licensed Personnel Hiring Procedure GCA-R(1)
  Licensed Personnel Position Posting GCA-R(2)
  Licensed Staff Hiring Procedure - Qualification Statement GCA-R(3)
  Licensed Candidate Rating Sheet GCA-R(4)
  Licensed Staff Request for Transfer GCA-R(5)
  Oregon Statewide Teacher Application GCA-R(6)
  Completion of Hiring Procedure for Licensed Employees GCA-R(7)
    Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance of Oregon Educators GCAA
    Some Suggested Components for Standards of Competent Performance for Licensed Staff GCAA-R
      Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media - Staff GCAB
      Licensed Salary Placement GCBAA-R
      Benefits for Terminating Licensed Staff GCBCA-R
    Family Medical Leave GCBDA-GDBDA
    FMLA and State Family Medical Leave GCBDA-GDBDA-R(1)
    Sick Time GCBDD-GDBDD
    Licensed Staff Sick Leave Allowance GCBD-R
  Employment of Personnel GCC
  Extra Duty Positions GCC-R(1)
  Criminal Records Checks-Fingerprinting GCDA-GDDA
  Criminal Records Checks-Fingerprinting GCDA-GDDA-R
  Temporary Licensed Staff GCE-R
    Substitute Teachers GCEA
    Employing Substitute Teachers GCEA-R
  Licensed Personnel Grievance Form GCF-R
  Staff Development – Licensed GCL
  Staff Development – Licensed GCL-R
  Staff Development Application GCL-R(1)
  Evaluation for Staff Development Workshop GCL-R(2)
  Evaluation of Staff GCN/GDN
  Licensed Staff Evaluation Procedure GCN-R
  Core Teaching Standards GCN-R(a)
  Evaluation Procedure for Probationary Teachers -
Type A
  Evaluation Procedure for Contract Teachers -
Type B
  Evaluation Procedures for Contract Teachers on Notice Status - Type C GCN-R(3)
  Licensed Evaluation Summary Form GCN-R(4)
    Early Retirement Stipend Payment GCPB-R(1)
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program-Licensed GCRA
Classified Staff GD
  Classified Personnel Hiring Procedure GD-R
  Classified Personnel Hiring Procedure – Qualification Statement GD-R(2)
  Classified Personnel Hiring Procedure – Candidate Rating Sheet GD-R(3)
  Classified Personnel Request for Transfer GD-R(4)
  Classified Personnel Application GD-R(5)
  Completion of Hiring Procedure for Classified Employees GD-R(6)
    Instructional Assistants GDA
      Benefits for Eligible Classified Employees GDBCA-R
  End of Classified Employee Probationary Period GDD-R(1)
  Classified Employee Sick Leave Allowance GDE-R
  Classified Employee Grievance Form GDF-R
    Notice of Employment GDIA
    Position Assignment Notification GDIA-R
      Classified Employee Reclassification Review GDIAA-R(1)
      Position Reclassification Review Form GDAA-R(2)
  Evaluation of Staff GDN/GCN
  Evaluation Procedures for Classified Employee GDN-R(2)
  Classified Employee Dismissal/Demotion Board Hearing Procedure GDN-R(3)
  Administrator Hiring Procedure (Other than Superintendent) GFA-R(1)
  Administrative Position Posting Form GFA-R(2)
  Administrative Hiring Procedure - Qualification Statement GFA-R(3)
  Administrative Hiring Procedure – Candidate Rating Sheet GFA-R(4)
  Administrative Application Packet GFA-R(5)
  Completion of Hiring Procedure for Administrative Employees GFA-R(6)
  Administrative Request for Transfer GFA-R(7)
    Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance of Oregon Educators GFAA/GCAA
    Standards of Competent Performance for Administrators GFAA-R(1)
    Standards of Competent Performance for Administrators Eval Form GFAA-R(2)

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