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Please Note: There is a delay between the time the board makes policy changes and the time those changes are available on this site. The policies on this site are for information only and do not reflect any updating activities in progress. Official policies and administrative regulations are available from the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Stephanie White swhite@junctioncity.k12.or.us at 541-998-6311.
Policy Title Code
Goals for Instruction IA
Freedom of Expression IB
      Home Instruction - Part-Time Enrollment IBDJA
School Year Calendar IC
  Extended School Year ICB
  Extended School Year ICB-R
  District Curriculum Development and Instructional Improvement IFA-R(1)
  Process for Development and Adoption of Curriculum IFA-R(2)
  Curriculum Processes IFA-R(3)
  Curriculum Adoption IFD
  Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines IFE
Curriculum Design IG
    Teaching about Religion IGAC
      HIV, AIDS, HBC, and HCV Health Education IGAEA
      Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Health Education IGAEB
  Other Instructional Programs IGB
    Students with Disabilities IGBA
    Child Identification Procedures IGBA-R
      Special Education – Records of Students with Disabilities IGBAB/JO
      Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities Management IGBAB/JO-R
      Special Education – Personnel IGBAC
      Special Education – Participation in Regular Education Programs IGBAE
      Special Education – Participation in Regular Education Programs IGBAE-R
      Special Education – Individualized Education Program (IEP) IGBAF
      Special Education – Individualized Education Program (IEP) IGBAF-R
      Special Education – Procedural Safeguards IGBAG
      Special Education – Procedural Safeguards IGBAG-R
      Special Education – Evaluation Procedures IGBAH
      Special Education – Evaluation and Eligibility Procedures IGBAH-R
      Special Education – Private Schools IGBAI
      Special Education – Private Schools IGBAI-R
      Special Education – Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) IGBAJ
      Special Education – Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) IGBAJ-R
      Special Education – Public Availability of State Application IGBAK
      Special Education – Services for Home-Schooled Students with Disabilities IGBAL
      Special Education – Services for Home-Schooled Students with Disabilities IGBAL-R
    Talented and Gifted Program IGBB
    Talented and Gifted Identification and Placement IGBB-R
    Prior Notice and Permission to Evaluate for Talented and Gifted Program IGBB-R(1)
    Permission for Placement in Talented and Gifted Program IGBB-R(2)
    Talented and Gifted Program Student Removal Request Form IGBB-R(3)
      Identification - Talented and Gifted IGBBA
      Identification - Talented and Gifted IGBBA-R
      Programs and Services - Talented and Gifted IGBBC
      Parents Rights, Notification, and Participation – Talented and Gifted IGBBD
    Title I / Parental Involvement IGBC
      Title I Complaint Procedure IGBCA
      Title IA, IASA Complaint Form IGBCA-R
    Programs for Pregnant Students IGBD
    Homebound Instruction IGBG
      Home Tutoring Services IGBGA
      Alternative Education Programs IGBHA
      Evaluation of Alternative Education Programs IGBHA-R(1)
      Establishment of Evaluation of Alternative Education Programs IGBHB
      Expanded Options Program IGBHE
    English as a Second Language IGBI
  Extended Instructional Programs IGC
    Service Learning IGCG
  Co-Curricular/Extracurricular Activities IGD
    Student Organizations IGDA
    Student Publications IGDB
    Student Publications IGDB-R
    Student Performances IGDD
    Student Activity Fees IGDE
    Student Fund Raising Activities IGDF
    Student Activity Funds IGDG
    Contests for Students IGDH
    Interscholastic Athletics IGDJ
    Non-School-Sponsored Study and Athletic Tours/Trips/Competitions IGDK
  Adult Education Programs IGE
    Adult High School Programs IGEB
Instructional Arrangements/Grouping for Instruction IH
  Class Size IHB
  Selection of Instructional Materials IIA
    Textbook Selection and Adoption IIAA
    Supplementary materials Selection/Purchase IIAB
      Use of Feature Films IIABB
    Accessing JCNet and Internet IIAE
    Accessing JCNet and Internet IIAE-R(1)
    Student Acceptable Use IIAE-R(2)
    Electronic Communication System IIBGA
    Electronic Communication System IIBGA-R
Academic Achievement IK
  Promotion and Retention of Students IKE
  Graduation Requirements IKF
    Early Graduation IKFA
    Graduation Exercises IKFB
  Transcript/Records Evaluation IKG
  Transcript/Records Evaluation Procedures IKG-R
Assessment Programs IL
Assessing Structures of Learning IL-R
Evaluation of Instructional Programs IM
  Student Achievement Program IMB
  Student Achievement Program IMB-R
  Teaching About Controversial Issues INB
  Assemblies INE
  Animals in the School ING
  Class Interruptions INH
  Animal Dissection INI

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